Equestrian FAQs


Do I have to join Pony Club to participate in the lesson or lesson/lease program?

No. All riders in our program benefit from the standards of the USPC teachings for riding and horse management. The only difference with riders belonging to the Pony Club will be the opportunity to participate in Pony Club functions held in addition to our regular lesson program activities.

What do I need to wear to my riding lesson?

Long pants and a hard, smooth soled boot or shoe are required to ride. Riding pants or leggings are the most comfortable option, however jeans or other fitted pant could also be worn. Riding pants can be purchased at The Surrey located off of route 28, across from Harris Teeter, in Darnestown, Md

Can I wear a bike helmet or other protective headwear?

Protective headwear is based on the height and speed that a potential fall may occur from. Because of this the helmet must be ASTM certified for horseback riding. Helmets can be purchased at The surrey as well. Butler has a few riding helmets that can be borrowed for the first lesson only.

Can I rent a horse to go on trail rides?

No, Butler does not rent their horses out to outside parties. The rider must be a part of the Butler Equestrian riding program.

How much are riding lessons?

We sell lessons in groups that we refer to as sessions. A session normally runs for 10-14 weeks. These one hour group lessons run between $45 and $60 per lesson and can be paid for in monthly installments. We do offer evaluation lessons to prospective students that would like to ride with us once before purchasing an entire session. See our Programs page for more details.

How many riders are in a group?

Depending on the level of riders our groups range from 4 – 6 riders per group. Private lessons are also available to students that would like or need more one-on-one attention.